France..the far right attacks EU Rights Agency because of a veiled girl


France..the far right attacks a European body because of a veiled girl

Far-right activists in France attacked the European Commission for Fundamental Rights, because of a veiled girl.
This came because the European Union published an advertisement showing a number of women, including a veiled girl.
Where the agency published on its Twitter account a tweet with a picture in which a veiled woman appeared, and asked, “Do 9 out of 10 people really believe that human rights help create more just societies?”

Extremists attacked the commission for publishing the advertisement, considering it a “promotion of the Islamic veil,” as they put it.
Many supporters of the extreme right responded to this advertisement, wondering about “the reason for the audacity behind the European Commission’s decision to publish an advertisement in which a veiled girl appears,” as they said.
Others from the extreme right sent a message to the veiled girl, saying, “Get out with your veil, because Islam will never be part of European culture and values.”
And the prominent leader in the “Recover France” movement considered, in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account, that “promoting the veil has become permanent propaganda, after other European institutions did that.”
For her part, academic and activist Florence Bergaud Blackler wrote in a tweet she posted on her Twitter account, saying, “Happiness is in the hijab.. The image of the hijab here is associated with truth and positivity.”
And she added, “There is no doubt here that the European Union’s body for fundamental rights wants to reaffirm the right to wear the hijab in Europe.”

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