Turkish journalist: Syrian refugees will become important people in this country

Nagehan Alçı

Turkish journalist Nagehan Alçı said that Syrians are part of Turkey and will become judges and bureaucrats one day because they live on this land and because Syrian blood does not make them strangers to this land.
Alçı statements came during an opinion article written by the newspaper “Sabah” in response to a propaganda clip that the Zafar party published, listing the journalist’s name.

The video shows a donation campaign carried out by members of the Zafer Party, whereby citizens come to book deportation tickets for Syrians and Turks who support the Syrians through a virtual transport company that the party uses as part of its electoral propaganda.

In one of the moments of the video, tickets bearing the names of a Turkish content creator named Abdurrahman Ozen and journalist Nagihan Alçı appear.

The racist Zafer Party publishes a video to send refugees to their countries by buses

Alçı said, “The head of the Zafer party, Umit Ozdag, who is the Turkish model for Georgia Meloni in Italy, and the Marine Le Pen party in France, wanted to deport me to Damascus through a clip in which he vowed to expel immigrants. In any case, I am honored to be the target of such a political line, because I suffered.” Throughout my life of discrimination and racism, Umit Özdağ wants to forcefully send young children and thousands of people who have been living here for 12 years and speak Turkish better than Arabic to an unknown place, just because they are Syrians by identity.
Alçı added, “Immigration policy in Turkey can and should be criticized, but demonizing the migrants who came to us to save their lives and promising to return them by force without looking if they are children, adults or women is inhumane, and contradicts the principles of human rights. This approach is no different from the approach of Islamophobia, which demonizes Muslims in the West.
The Syrians are now part of Turkey

Journalist Nagehan Alçı continued: “No matter how difficult it is to implement the matter, we must know that a large part of the Syrians are now part of Turkey, there are tens of thousands of children who were born and have been living here for more than 10 years and speak Turkish as their mother tongue, some Syrians They do not remember their childhood in Syria. There are thousands of young people whose vision of life is limited to Turkey only. Syrian blood does not make Syrians strangers to this land. We are a multicultural and multi-religious country, and this is what makes us who we are and makes Turkey rich. Turkey is a country that embraces all Whoever produces, works, and feels that he belongs and loves this country. Patriotism is the love of everyone who loves this country, regardless of their origin, and not expelling people because they are Syrians, as the Zafar party says. Such a discriminatory approach is a betrayal of the spirit of this land.

Alçı concluded with this phrase, “I have bad news for Ozdağ, you will see nightmares because the citizens of the Turkish Republic of Syrian origin will soon be judges and bureaucrats in this country. The miserable people who took refuge in our country to live out their fate here, and I will continue to love people regardless of their ethnicity.”

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