Assaulting an elderly Syrian woman by a racist in Gaziantep

An elderly Syrian woman is being kicked without any guilt. A video spread on social networking sites documenting the beating and assault of an elderly Syrian woman in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

The video, which was spread on social media, aroused the sympathy of many, and many activists expressed their grief over what happened.

The story begins when rumors spread about a person disguised as a woman and wearing long clothes kidnapping children.

After the spread of this rumor, a racist who has many criminal records found this weak Syrian woman who suffers from a psychological condition to accuse her and beat her unjustly without any respect for her age and without even checking the validity of the rumor.

This video brings to mind many scenes of racist attacks on refugees inside Turkey. This is largely due to the racist rhetoric practiced by the opposition, which has always blamed refugees for many cases of theft and chaos.

After this heart-wrenching incident, the governor of Gaziantep visited this woman and apologized to her, and the aggressor was arrested and referred for investigation.

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