Cunning methods.. this is how the Turkish opposition parties make their racist rhetoric against refugees

The Turkish politician Umit Ozdag, the man with a troubled political past in Turkey, was expelled from the MHP twice and from the IYI Party once before founding his party, which he called the “Victory Party”, and the word victory means victory in Arabic.

Two years ago or less, Ozdag was not known to a large segment of the Turkish people, which worries any politician who is not in the spotlight, for this reason Ozdag worked to appear in the Turkish political arena with a speech that attracts attention and makes his name known among the people, and thus he has gained votes . Ozdag did not focus in his speeches on Turkey’s economy, domestic and foreign policy, or security and climate issues, but gave all his time to attack refugees and foreigners in Turkey.

Indeed, the discourse against Syrian refugees in particular was a major factor in the rise of Umit Ozdag as the most prominent inciting figure against foreigners in Turkey. The Turkish politician posted on his Twitter account: “The Zafer Party is coming, and the refugees will leave,” as Ozdag did not find a way to enter the Turkish political arena Except through this, especially months before Turkey entered the electoral battle, which seems to be difficult.

Despite their differences in many areas, the owners of racist discourse in Turkey are united in hatred and discrimination in multiple ways and methods in this aspect, and what contributes to the success of these matters is the media that work alongside them day and night in feeding the racist discourse without the lowest standards of professionalism and investigation of ethics at work, and here It is necessary to clarify some of the methods they use in their discourse against refugees in general and Syrians in particular.

Foreigners are the suspects

A few days ago, a video clip spread on the coast of the Bebek area in Istanbul, showing a young man and a girl practicing indecency in front of passers-by normally without turning around for anyone, then some Turkish media published the clip saying, “Foreigners practice vice on the coast of Bebek.” One of these means is a documented page on Twitter’s name is “habar”, affiliated with the “Bagsys” online newspaper.

The news spread like wildfire and Turks’ accounts on social media began circulating the news from this newspaper, and a campaign of anger began at the foreign presence and its immoral actions in Turkey, but hours later a statement was issued by the governor of Istanbul refuting the matter, and the statement explained that the man and woman appearing in the video are Two Turks have criminal records, and despite the statement of the governor of Istanbul, the site did not modify or delete the tweet, but rather attacked one of the Turkish journalists, who said that those who appeared in the video were Turks.

This incident is not the first, but it was preceded by other incidents, as the Turkish media and some opposition figures highlighted a person smoking his cigarette on the “metro” train in Bursa, and said that he is Syrian.

Angry comments about the actions of the Syrians and how they do not have a culture or civilization, but the shock was when the governor of Bursa announced that the perpetrator is a Turkish person, and despite this announcement, some accounts on Twitter began attacking the governor, telling him: “You want to keep the crime away from the Syrian perpetrator and to fabricate it with a Turkish person” However, the perpetrator came out and told the media that he was not Syrian.

written by:

Tamam Abu al-Khair

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