History is no longer the same..Syrian refugees around the world are abused and persecuted!!


This is how wars are always, leaving behind tragedies that need decades to be restored. In Syria, the war was a fire that consumed everything around it, leaving victims and losses long to be compensated for, and many innocent and poor people paid the price for it, including the Syrian refugees, for whom the war caused a new tragedy in their lives.

Syrian refugees in many countries have been subjected to discrimination, racism and persecution. In Lebanon, which hosted nearly 1.5 million refugees, they were subjected to verbal and physical violence, which amounted to beatings and caused the death of a number of them and the burning of some camps, in addition to the imposition of laws that limit their ability to enjoy their rights fundamental, in particular the right to health and work.

In Britain, refugees also suffer from racial discrimination, as the British authorities imposed a number of restrictions on Syrian refugees and called for their deportation. Last September, refugees, while trying to deport them from Britain to Rwanda, were subjected to inhuman treatment. Deportation, and a few days ago, two minors were assaulted while staying in a hotel designated by the British authorities to accommodate refugees. Britain also adopted a “secret policy of racial discrimination,” whereby it allocated homes for refugees whose facades were painted red, and this made it easier to identify the homes of asylum seekers, and because of it, they became Its residents are subject to many attacks, harassment and insults.

In Greece, the Syrian refugees were subjected to grave violations, as the Greek forces used excessive force with bullets and illegal detention against asylum seekers, and their personal belongings were stolen, and they were forced to return to Turkey, by throwing them at the border in inhumane ways, beating them severely, and using dogs. To intimidate them, the Greek authorities also developed two electronic devices capable of emitting powerful sound waves for use against refugees trying to cross into Greek territory.

Syrian refugees were also subjected to similar and racist treatment in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and many other countries where they sought refuge.

It is difficult for us to mention the collection of cases of abuse that refugees have been subjected to due to their large number, and at a time when Syrian refugees taste the bitterness of displacement, asylum and displacement, without the slightest sense of responsibility and humanity on the part of the host countries, it seems that “history is no longer the same history for the Syrian people,” who opened their lands It has been for decades for refugees from Arab and Western countries, starting with Greece and ending with Palestine.

In 1943, Syria received more than 12,000 Greek refugees who fled during World War II, during the Gulf War and Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990 AD, many Kuwaitis fled to Syrian territory, and during the war on Iraq in 2003 by the United States of America and Britain, Many Iraqi families were displaced to Syria, and during the First World War in 1915, Armenian refugees from different regions of Cilicia arrived in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Lebanese families have to escape from the fires of war and head towards Syria, as well as with the start of the Israeli war on Lebanon on July 12, 2006, Syria opened its doors to the Lebanese and treated them as Syrians. As for the Palestinians, Syria hosted them after the Nakba in 1948 AD, and provided them with a decent livelihood, and secure a safe life for them.

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