How did Europe turn the “Mediterranean” into the largest cemetery for immigrants in the world?

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The real face unfolded and the mask the old continent was wearing fell off, deceiving everyone.
Everyone knows the extent of racism and cruelty shown by the majority of European countries in their way of dealing with the migrant crisis from Islamic countries, and the European deception in defending human rights was evident when the Ukrainian war broke out, as soon as the war broke out until European countries rushed to save the Ukrainians, given that they are not Muslims according to When exposed by some of the media under the authority of the Western machine itself.

But before we enter the world of figures and reporting statistics, we must bring up this note, and explain the reason for our sharp criticism of the old continent regarding its handling of the migrant crisis, including that this developed continent claims to defend human rights and the priority of human life in all its dealings and that it It continues to develop its armaments and the path of progress to protect and preserve humanity and defend its rights.
However, despite possessing the best naval fleets in the world, it left the Muslim refugees in the majority of them perish by drowning in the waters of the Mediterranean, which, due to European cruelty, has become a red sea strewn with the bodies of the drowned.

*Pope: Exclusion of immigrants is shameful… and criminal
The International Organization for Migration announced the death of more than 4,470 migrants along the various migration routes around the world during the year 2021, compared to 4,236 migrants in 2020, bringing the total deaths recorded among migrants since 2014 to more than 45,400 deaths.
Pope Francis capped these figures during his visit to the Greek island of Lesbos two weeks ago, describing the Mediterranean as “becoming a cold cemetery without memorial stones on the graves. This great basin of water, the cradle of many civilizations, now appears to be a mirror of death. Please, let us stop the sinking.” This civilization.

*Shocking numbers
And the International Organization for Migration had said earlier: that more than 33,000 people drowned trying to reach the shores of Europe in 17 years, making the Mediterranean “the largest border area in terms of the number of deaths in the world, by a large margin than beyond.”
The United Nations organization explained in a report that after the arrival of a record large number of arrivals during the period between 2014 and 2016, the agreement between the European Union and Turkey to stop the arrival of migrants through Greece and the spread of patrols off the coast of Libya contributed to reducing the number of migrants significantly.
The report’s author, Philip Varghese, said the numbers likely underestimate the actual scale of the human tragedy. At least 33,761 migrants were reported dead or missing in the Mediterranean from 2000 to June 30, 2017, the report added.

The writer added that the report concluded that the European border in the Mediterranean is the largest region in terms of the number of deaths in the world. According to the International Organization for Migration and its census for 2017, about 161,000 migrants and refugees have arrived in Europe by sea this year so far, and 75% of them have arrived in Italy, while the rest have arrived in Greece, Cyprus and Spain. The report added that about three thousand drowned or went missing this year.

Turkey attacks the Europeans

In this context, Ismail Chatakli, Deputy Minister of the Turkish Interior, denied his country’s involvement in an incident in which Greece found 92 irregular migrants near its northern border with Turkey. “Since you have not been able to detect a single case of Turkey’s violation of human rights, you are only seeking to expose the image of your cruelty as if it was the work of Turkey,” Chatakli wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet by Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarashi. On Saturday, Greek police said they had rescued a group of 92 migrants who were found naked, some with wounds, near Greece’s northern border with Turkey.

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