Sorry, Laila Muhammad.. Our nation is innocent of these savages!

Elderly woman sitting on the bench to rest from standing and walking. Her face feels familiar, as we can all find it in the faces of our mothers and grandmothers.

It is clear that the worries of the world that she lived have left their mark on all the cells of her face.

This elderly woman who is considered as our grandmother and mother, her condition indicated innocence and our duty towards her to show her appreciation, respect, care and kiss her hand.

Her shy look, her tears shedding with fear, are more painful than a thousand missiles fired at this country by our enemies.

The filthy mentality that humiliated that innocent woman and made us watch what we saw has been dragging us down long ago. How far will this mentality take us?

Ideology test:

Reality is the best test of ideologies, and when your ideology fails to take into account the mind of a woman, an old man, a child, a handicapped or a sick person, this is a testimony to your downfall with your thought, no matter how brilliant it may be.

Among the lowest ideologies adopted by human beings were those based on racism, as it stems from behavior that does not exist even in the animal world.

People who are trying to export this level to the sons of this noble people in the name of patriotism and patriotism, and they are trying to poison the minds of innocents, must read their message through the eyes of “Laila Muhammad” and her face that was burned by the sun and age.

It is unfortunate that when racism and hostility towards refugees becomes political stuff, it tends to provoke and mobilize its audience, as it is difficult to foresee the limits of what such provocations can lead to, especially in a country like Turkey, which hosts a large number of refugees. The policy of hostility towards refugees will not solve the refugee problem, but will exacerbate them more and more.

We are witnessing frequent cases of how people affected by uncontrollable incitement and hostility against refugees adopt violent aggression against innocents, children, the elderly and defenseless people as an act of heroism.

National security threat

It is possible that ideology or politics, which depicts the Afghan grocery store or Arabic writing on the storefront or on the menu of restaurants, as a threat to national security, can lead the fools of their drugged masses to perpetrate all kinds of hatred and brutality.

Of course, racist and anti-refugee ideology works like all ideologies, by distorting facts, turning their audience into “unthinking tools” to drag them into such actions.

They promote the idea that refugees are the cause of all problems, and turn this idea into an obsession. There is no mentality or personality left in the middle to discuss because it is no longer possible to talk to people who have been turned into obsessive and crazy machines.

To confirm that their ideology is based on distortion of facts, the reason why Leila Muhammad was brutally attacked by a person named Şakir Çakır while sitting in a park in the state of Gaziantep, was the lie that people kidnapped children disguised as women.

There was nothing certain to indicate that there really was such an event or that someone had kidnapped a child or somebody had kidnapped their child.

But this false story is enough to provoke some young people who have been incited to such actions recently. For them, the presence of a veiled Syrian woman is enough to legislate the implementation of such an attack.

Unfortunately, racist provocations and hostility are now our biggest problems. And we are in a position to go beyond expressing anti-refugee sentiment in some people. Racist politicians may try to make excuses for themselves. But their racist policy incites, provokes and produces these groups.

Note: The person was arrested as a result of the careful work of the police forces and Gaziantep Province. The governor of Gaziantep Daoud Gul also visited the elderly Leyla Muhammed in the hospital, after she was subjected to the horrific attack, and indicated that he would not allow such criminal acts to be committed.


Yassin Aktay

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