The Hypocrisy in handling the refugee issue by the CHP party

Hypocrisy practiced by Zidane Karalar  the chp party member on the issue of Syrian immigrants! Who praised them while receiving money from Europe, but his attitude changed after consuming the money and began to be hostile to the Syrians.

An example of the CHP’s hypocritical immigration policy can be seen by two announcment made by  Zidane Karalar .  the first one was while reciving money he said “Adana needs a workforce. The Syrians will be our citizens now, we must live in harmony,” .

 Adana Metropolitan Mayor Zeidan Karalar, who has developed projects for Syrians living in Adana with efforts to speed up the process of adaptation and integration in the past years, has received multi-million dollar grants from several international aid organizations, including Goal Global.

Zeydan Karalar, who organized a “Migration Workshop” with Adana Metropolitan Municipality and international organizations.

Adana Mayor Zeydan Karalar, who forgot his words months ago with the instruction from the CHP Headquarters, also took on hostility towards refugees.

Karalar, who tried to blame his failure in cleaning services on the Syrians by saying “Syrians are polluting Adana” in a live broadcast he attended last week, and in another program he made the statement “Syrians do not pay taxes”.

The CHP’s inconsistent statements on Syrian refugees continue, in particular CHP Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu who spoke of granting “dual citizenship” to Syrians, and also said “we will send them back to their country” in the following week.

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