The Mentalities that are Keen on Keeping Turkey in the mine area are Working for whom?

The refugee issue is one of the most important issues on the scene not only in Turkey but also in the whole world, and its danger is increasing day by day. The number of refugees in the world has exceeded one hundred million, and this is a fast-paced record in numerical terms.

How humanity deals with this problem is related to their own capabilities, but one of the issues that defines this quality is the differences in dealing with refugees. We have seen closely the different attitudes of European countries towards the waves of migration coming from Syria and Ukraine, and how they radically oppose a wave of migration coming from one place in return for welcoming another wave coming from another place.

While the Europeans oppose the waves of Syrian immigration, claiming to preserve the security, stability, and economic situation of their country, and the like, on the contrary, they welcome the waves of immigration from Ukraine, where they received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees, who fled in large numbers to their country in a short time; This is because those who sought refuge from there (from Ukraine) were white-skinned and blue-eyed.

One of you may be surprised by this contradiction, but this is a test for them and they will inevitably lose, or perhaps everyone will study their history, their society, and the responsibility that their cultural heritage places on them.

But what happens to us? Why is there not a strong reaction to the hate speech and hostility that some racists among us are trying to provoke, even though our close kinship, cultural and historical ties with Syrians are much stronger than those between Ukrainians and Europeans?

In your opinion, these hateful speeches to protect who? And from what? It protects us from our history, our culture, and ourselves, right?

Is it normal for someone trying to protect us from our history, our culture, and ourselves, to be at odds with us?

When did we see these armed militants in confrontation against the real enemies of Turkey? Why did we not see them taking up arms and fighting against those who are fighting Turkey, and against those who are trying to put Turkey in trouble on all fronts?

The question arises here, how can those who recklessly and ignorantly propagate a despicable discourse of malice and hatred, which is completely contrary to the cultural, historical and moral values ​​of our country, find such courage?

And how can people remain silent about this sin, which requires a thousand repentance and a thousand forgiveness, when such thoughts usually come to anyone’s mind?

It is okay if racism remains just an idea, but turning it into a tangible behavior and aggression against other races is a clear deviation and a crime against humanity, and this crime against humanity comes close to laying mines step by step against the security, stability, identity and personality of society.

First of all, it is a shame that a person who is stable in his country, and who does not have any share in Turkey’s customs, culture, identity and personality, makes statements that he will go to the Turkish-Syrian border and plant the first mine there to prevent the influx of Syrian refugees, declaring his cheap heroism against the weak, defenseless refugees , sheltered in his country. There is no doubt that this shameful behavior disgrace him above all else. Yet his reckless disgrace is also a disgrace to our humanity.

Europe is trying one way or another to integrate with Ukraine by emphasizing historical and cultural ties and identity, and opening the way for integration with it by removing the borders and mines placed between them.

The so-called nationalists and racists in our country, who make cheap shows with their barking performances in front of innocent civilians, defenseless asylum seekers, their children and their families, run to lay mines on the Turkish-Syrian borders under the pretext of defending the homeland.

Let’s agree that a political party’s scrambling to carry out a mine-laying operation is a very creative act, but it is a creative act on the level of another party that acts as the political wing of a terrorist organization.

What does the mine symbolize?

The mine is a real symbol of the matter. It does not carry the function of protecting Turkey from near or from afar. On the contrary, it symbolizes the chain that the destructive imperialists put around the Turks to encircle them, after they occupied Turkey after the First World War.

For 12 years, border mines imposed on Turkey by the war victors have been almost completely cleared, after Turkey was defeated in the war in one way or another (both personally and because of the defeat of Germany). It was planned that all the mines that meant breaking the restrictions that were imposed at the end of the First World War on Turkey and the Islamic world would be removed, so that Turkey could once again have its historical and cultural heart. The removal of these mines was a symbol of the awakening and resurrection of a great Islamic world ready to embrace Turkey.

Now, does this person, who took this mine and rushed to place it on the same border, represent Turkey, or does he represent his compliance with the role assigned to him by the imperialists in Turkey?

Do the planted mines prevent refugees from entering Turkey, or do they prevent Turkey from embracing its brothers in the geography of the heart?

The fascist mentality that caused all this, and wants to return the mines to Turkey, is the fascist mentality in the name of Turkish nationalism.This mentality is not alien to us. This is the mentality that has been asking Turkey to “preoccupy itself with its own affairs and not interfere to help others” a century ago.

The fact that it could do so in the name of protecting the homeland and Turkish nationalism through a complete political falsification is a pity towards national security above all.

Article written by

  Counselor| Yassin Aktay

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