To those who Demand the Deportation of Refugees from Turkey!

The issue of irregular migrants represents a great wound, not only for Turkey, but for all of humanity. One of the paradoxes of today’s world is that the number of refugees increases with the increase in the level of luxury.

In fact, the approach taken by societies towards these humanitarian issues shows their level of sophistication. Nobody wants an immigrant, especially an illegal immigrant.

This experience – which is being experienced all over the world – has been lived by other people since ancient times, since the first man. And more than that, this experience will continue until the last human being.

The refugee issue has become a wound to all of humanity. And the answer to the questions is when the reason is actually indifference and irresponsibility, the noise of those who incite cruel behavior is deafening.

Those who have no agenda other than deporting refugees may think that only the government is harmed.

BY Yassin Aktay

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