Umit Ozdag and his Racist War Against Refugees

Ozdag defined himself through his “zafar” party as the first and most prominent opponent of immigrants and refugees. The party was founded primarily on the doctrine of targeting foreigners, and built its identity on feelings of hatred and racism against them, which is directly evident through the party’s founding statement issued on August 26 2021, which consists of 44 pages, 40 of which are related to anti-immigrant.

The extreme right-wing leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, is the ideal of Ozdag in his political orientation, as his party’s founding discourse was derived from Wilders’ Islamophobic discourse, especially against Syrians and Afghans, as well as immigrants in general.

According to the Turkish newspaper, “Yeni Şafak”, Ozdag published on his personal Twitter account more than 777 posts attacking the Syrian and foreign presence inside Turkey, out of 1,677 posts he published during the past year, in addition to not leaving any national or local occasions without expressing his His hatred of immigrants.

His racism has openly admitted the financing and production of the racist film “The Silent Invasion”, which contains direct incitement against refugees, as the footage shows that Istanbul has turned into ruins after the Syrians took control of everything and the president of the state of Istanbul, who is of Syrian origin, took over the presidency.

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